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Your First Workout

Startona offers a special tutorial workout for new players.

This workout is designed to introduce the main gameplay mechanics and help the app determine the right difficulty settings to ensure that all workouts are calibrated to match your fitness level.

Startona's Tutorial Workout

To play Startona's tutorial workout, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the main menu and select "play solo."
  2. Choose the first workout in the list called "level 1 - introduction."
  3. Select "start workout". The game will automatically guide you through all exercises in this level, from warm up to cool down.
workout card for level 1 - introduction

Startona offers various fitness tests, commonly referred to as FTP tests, allowing you to assess your fitness levels. These tests are available in the 'Performance Lab' section. It is recommended to retest yourself every few months to ensure that the game's difficulty settings align with your current fitness.

What if I already know my Power Numbers

You can manually set up the game from the "settings" menu if you know your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and sprint power.

The next guide covers Startona's workout structure and helps you find the right workout for your training goal.