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Welcome to Startona Speed Circuit, the exercise game for your indoor smart trainer.

This user guide helps new players quickly find the information needed to get started using the Startona web app. It covers the game's main workout features and provides support articles and training tips.

This guide does not cover all of Startona's functionality and instead is meant to provide a robust starting point from where to explore the game.

  1. System Requirements

  2. Quick Setup Guide

    Create an account and connect your equipment.

  3. Your First Workout

    Play Startona for the first time.

  4. Level Guide

    Get to know Startona's single- and multiplayer levels.

  5. 7 Training Tips for Beginners

    Simple training tips to help new players get the most out of their workouts.

  6. How to Fix Bluetooth Pairing Issues

    Tips to resolve Bluetooth connectivity issues.

  7. Contact Support