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Level Guide

Startona has a variety of single and multiplayer levels and will receive new content through regular software updates. This guide aims to clarify the differences between levels to help you choose the workout that aligns best with your fitness goals.

Single Player Levels

Startona provides three distinct categories of single-player levels, easily identified by their colored labels:

1. Workouts

Workout levels consist of multiple exercise games. Each workout provides a duration, intensity score, and a profile picture to show how the intensity will change over time.

workout structure visualization

Startona offers entertaining exercises like Keirin Races, Time Trials, Guided Training Rides, Elimination Races, Group Rides, Ergometer Training, Arcade Games, Exploration Games, and more. Each exercise is purpose-built to fulfill an essential part of your workout and is designed to keep players engaged by providing unique objectives.

Players can complete a workout from start to finish or customize it by skipping or repeating exercises.

2. Races

Races are tournament-style workouts where players participate in a series of back-to-back races. Race workouts enhance power and speed while providing an excellent way to push your limits after a lighter session.

Note that races don't contain warm-up exercises, so please make sure to warm up before joining.

3. Challenges

Challenges are special standalone exercises. Some challenges are designed to measure your fitness, such as "FTP tests" or "max sprint tests", while others are just about pushing your limits.

Multiplayer Levels

Multiplayer levels allow players to compete in various online challenges.

Each level includes a real-time leaderboard that shows how you are performing.

Example workout structure visualization

You can add or remove players from your leaderboard by accessing the "add opponents" page in the "compete online" section of the game.

Every Startona account has an anonymous athlete ID which you can share with your friends or post online so that anyone in the world can add you to their leaderboard.

How to add a friend to the players leaderboard