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System Requirements

All you need to play Startona is a Web Browser and a Smart Trainer.

Web Browser

Startona's easy-to-use web app works seamlessly on web browsers with built-in Bluetooth support, such as Chrome, Edge, Arc, and others.

Please note that while Startona is compatible with most hardware and operating systems, it does not support iOS devices, as Safari lacks support for Web Bluetooth. We are planning to release a separate iOS app in the future.

Smart Trainer

Startona is compatible with most smart trainers (smart bikes) and has been tested to work with devices from brands like Wahoo, Elite, Saris, and Tacx, among others.

It's important to note that Startona exclusively works with Bluetooth-enabled smart trainers and does not support the older ANT+ protocol.

To verify your trainer's compatibility, feel free to try the game for free at